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Shoe Fetish First Time

When I was maybe 11, 12, or 13 I started getting erections and for me I started to look for things to rub my penis or to put my penis into.  I found women's gloves, nylons, socks, and even toilet paper rolls but none of them felt very good. 

One day I found a box with ballet slippers and toe shoes in the basement and tried putting them over my penis.  That didn't work well either but I kept using them because the ribbons on the toe shoes were easy to tie over my penis and that held my penis it deep inside the shoe. 

For maybe weeks I would go to bed like this and nothing happened.  My body was starting to mature but was not ready yet. 

One day I had nothing to do I decided to take a nap and I tied the toe shoe over my penis and for some reason I rolled over and tied the other shoe over my face to hold it in place.  That was the magic move the smell made my penis even harder and on my stomach I found that as I started to rub my penis  it went deeper inside of the shoe. 

At that point I did not realize that being inside a shoe was much like being inside and fucking deep inside a vagina.  It was incredible and that day it took a while but It felt different and much more sensitive.  As a result I didn't now what was happening as I pulsed and exploded deep inside the shoe. 

I had just unexpectedly fucked my first shoe.  It felt so incredible I kept doing it.  Since then I have probably fucked many women and probably many more shoes maybe thousands of mostly women's shoes and boots and still find both similar and incredible.

Troy G - West Virginia
Shoe Fetish: Is it masturbation???

Do I have a shoe fetish?

When you look at the
well worn designer shoes
posted on most of these pages;
Are they exciting to you?
Do you think about them?
Do you feel something?
Do you want to smell & touch them?
Do you want them?
No, No, No,
I mean do you really want them?
Are they just nice
high quality designer shoes?
Fucking Shoes: It's very simple

Although I really like this site & it is simply a lot of fun to read all of the views, for me, my shoe fetish started very simply & remains that simple today.  It started as a vagina replacement in my youth.  I learned to add a little silicone lube, I stick my member in a favorable shoe and it feel like and I climb on top and fuck it like a woman.  Over the years, and many women and their shoes, I've learned that it's as close as it get's to a woman and a great way to play.  I've learned to make love to both shoes in a pair because the fragrance and taste are so much like a woman and I'm as passionate as if it was a woman.  It's a lot of fun, but it isn't complex because the link to me between women and shoes is erotic and turns me on.
Don't get me wrong there are shoes that are so used the fragrance is not appealing.  Believe me you will know when you find a mildewed pair or one that is not pleasant.  I love the smell of wear but I don't care for the smell of an overgrown bacteria colony.  There is a difference.

So if a shoe excites, whether a well worn pump, a sexy boot, or any other style shoe, all you need to do is just jump on top and do it like a woman.  It's that simple.  (I suggest a bit of silicone sex lube to reduce friction.)

Besties - Edward G (Maine)     
Shoe Fetish Boots

These next boots are incredible and I just love them deep inside and outside. Valentino Ribbon Boots Very used, very ready, and very sexy.

Also they were very expensive on EBAY, but oh my goodness they were worth it.

Shoe Fetish Comment

This insight came in recently from one of the viewers on the web.  We had never actually considered some of this perspective and thought it was interesting and yet very controversial and it should be added. 

Shoe Fetish - is it masturbation?

When you get down to the core of reality it seems that the only sex that is not masturbation is probably procreative sex which can result in new life.  That is simply a man and a woman joined in procreative sex.  If this definition holds true then that makes everything else either masturbation or a form of mutual masturbation. 

I think a few populations might not agree with this, but, if this was the only fact considered then that would make gay, lesbian, and fetish sex simply forms of complex self and mutual masturbation. For now we will agree that the debate regarding LGBT sex is a topic for another site and other researchers.  However, it is an interesting point which makes shoe fetish sex more compatible with an actual sexuality. 

Yes, some forms of shoe fetish where the fetishist only uses the shoe for friction or to just pump their penis as simple hand fist masturbation might just be that, masturbation.  Although in their mind they may, or may not, have a different view of what is going on.  For that person it may be more complex, or it just might feel good as a masturbation tool.   Only they will know if this is to be considered masturbation, or not?  In any case it is easier to see where someone else, who does not have a shoe fetish, might conclude that it is just masturbation. 

However, then there is the more intense shoe fetishist.  This shoe fetishist actions do not look like masturbation at all.  They prepare their shoe encounter as if spending an evening with long time encounter with a arousing special sexual partner.  They might bathe, prepare the bed room, set out any number of shoes they are attracted to, have a drink, or even smoke marijuana as noted in some articles on this site.  As they are ready they may even play erotic music as they ease toward the shoes becoming more aroused by just the shoes, not the wearer, nothing but the erotic shoes that they love. 

Most on this site who have written in, including myself, prefer very used high quality erotic women's shoes, some prefer men's, but not me, and in common most prefer they be used and have wear lines and toe indents.  Most claim to  approach the shoes as a lover, they may kiss and fondle any number of shoes as they become more aroused just like any foreplay others can imagine.  I know I certainly do.  When I am making love to shoes I am deeply in love with the shoes in my collection and in no way the wearer.   Although sometimes I imagine the feet that broke in the shoes as the creator of the wear lines.  

Most of these fetishists who have also posted here seem to have one goal, and that goal is making passionate love to the shoes and this is clearly beyond masturbation.  When the time is right they kiss and fondle one shoe while most climb on top of and penetrate and fuck the other just as I would do when I am fucking woman.  So, is it masturbation to make love to sexy erotic shoes?  Not for me, it's really about fucking the shoes, that's what I want, and I'm not thinking about the woman.   As I climb on top of one and penetrate deep into it while passionately making love and kissing the other I know I'm totally fucking the shoe. 

Certainly me and many of this type of shoe fetishist are focused on the shoes or boots and nothing else.  They want to make love to the shoes.  That's right I said make love to the shoes, the insides, the outsides, and every wear line in between.  Most completely make love to the well worn erotic shoes they are fucking in almost every way possible.  I know I and others that write to you do.  When I orgasm I  intentionally wanted to fuck and make total emotional love to the shoe and not some mental image of a person or something else.  The kind of love I am  engaged in is so emotional and complete that it is not much different than what LGBT lovers describe or a straight couple.  The LGBT couples can’t procreate any more than a shoe fetishist wildly loving and fucking a shoe can, but, they love it and it turns them on just the same. 

So in my mind, as has been noted many times on this site, I agree LGBT should be changed to LGBTO for lesbian, gay, bi, transgendered, and other, in this case I include shoe fetish.  Other includes so much more than questioning.  Others might argue other fetish behavior fits this as well.  I don't agree but that  is for others to decide. 

In my view a shoe fetish is much to complex to just call masturbation it is very complex sex for some and if it does not interfere with other parts of their lives it may not be deviant either.  That we can leave for people to consider as they look at their individual cases.  This site appears to consider shoe fetishists to be bisexual, meaning they can have whatever they call a partner as well as have a great passion for fucking shoes.  If they have partners some have found that they can do both, and it seems these partners do exist.  When all worlds combine very nicely and for those that call this still deviant it probably is much less so and harder to define.

But, are they foot fetishists replacing a shoe for a foot?  In some form perhaps some are, but in reality most that post notes here are probably not.  I know I am a full on shoe fetishist and I don't even need to know who owned the shoes to make love to them.  I evaluate each used shoe as a lover on its own based on my attraction. 

Sure if they were foot fetishists they could search out feet?  If this was the case and not sexy erotic shoes they might do so.  The fact that a used shoe or boot is well worn may make it even more erotic and real as a form of attractive sex partner, but most want the shoe, but if the shoe is on her feet, so much the better, but it is not the feet alone, and not the woman that makes it so exciting. 

Of course you can never tell a partner that when your playing with shoes you are thinking of the shoes and not the partner.  Not even the feet of the hottest woman in the world can overpower the attraction for a sexy shoe or boot she might be wearing.   I have a partner, but when I see her in great shoes or other women in erotic sexy shoes I see their shoes first and want their shoes just as much and sometimes more than them.  

Perhaps many of us see the shoes as vaginas?  Maybe we just associate that our  shoe fetish feels just as good or better than a vagina when we are making love to the right perfect pair of shoes?  Regardless I know I climb on top of and enter the shoe as if they were a vagina and my goodness it is a great and incredible encounter.  I guess a gay person perhaps sees anal sex as a great encounter?


Michael P.  --- S.C.    

Our Site notes;

Mike notes he may be biased because he does have a full love making shoe fetish and he states he also has a happy partner.  It is our hope that we will receive some feedback to this letter as some of the points on LGBT behavior not being much different than a shoe fetish is a unique point of view.  

Shoe Fetish Sex WIKI

This is a lot different than most of what is reported on this site but it is a copy of common actual shoe masturbation vs. shoe fetish affairs that are taken as people having a shoe fetish.  Perhaps, but this to me is more like masturbation and joy of the sight shoes than an actual sexual encounter.  However, this may represent a large amount of fetishists.  Another site shows a fetishist teaching followers how to do the outer sole of a pair of Keds.  There are a lot of ways to love something but in our view the above refers to  the fetishist who is far beyond using shoes for just manipulation to orgasm.  It's hard to tell in this article if the person doing her boots is masturbating or loving the boots? 

We will report you decide!!! 

Shoe masturbation

From The Original Sex Wiki

Shoe masturbation is one of several common male masturbation methods to leave his jizz in or on her personal items without her knowledge.

For shoe masturbation the male selects any of her shoes or
high heels depending on his mood. He then masturbates into her shoe. After 100 to 200 minutes drying time, he puts her shoe back. He typically tries to target the toe area of her shoes because his cum stains can hardly be detected there. The choice of shoe is very individual: Some males only prefer "virgin shoes", which means brandnew shoes never used before, and cum in her brandnew shoes as a kind of welcome greeting. Other try to cum in every shoe she frequently wears, like her sport shoes, tennis shoes, daily work shoes etc. Other males on go for sexy "high heels". Those male who want to stay on the safe side, mostly cum in her boots, where it is almost impossible to detect his cum stains.

No matter which shoes he cums in: Whenever she wears those shoes the idea of her toes walking on his jizz gives him great pleasure and mutual enjoyment. Shoe masturbation always leads to cum in shoes.

Shoe masturbation means that he strokes his cock with his hand and targets her shoe for
ejaculation. The more aggressive type of masturbating into a female's shoe is the so-called shoe fuck. If he prefers to masturbate onto shoes which are being worn by a woman during his masturbation, it is called male masturbation onto her shoes.

Shoe vibrators are specially designed shoes with inbuilt vibrations for masturbation purpose: He simply presses the shoe against his penis, turns on the vibrations and wait for his ejaculation.

Shoe Fetish Masturbation

Found on Yahoo Answers

Is it ok to masturbate with a shoe?

I am 15 and have known I had a foot fetish as long as I can remember. My fetish has become more prevalent, to the point that I masturbate with shoes. I have always thought that girl's feet and shoes are sexy, but I was just wondering if it was too far to masturbate with a shoe. I have never actually told a person about it, other than on the internet. I am ashamed, embarrassed, and overall ambivalent about it. I will not tell my parents, because that would be just awkward, and weird. The same way with my friends. Just wanted some people to give me an honest answer about it.
Update: Yes I should add it is a foot fetish as well. I would love to have foot jobs in my future sex life. But just for now is the shoe thing acceptable.

Shoe Fetish Masturbation

From Yahoo answers 2015

Is it ok to masturbate with a shoe?

I am 15 and have known I had a foot fetish as long as I can remember.  My fetish has become more prevalent, to the point that I masturbate with shoes. I have always thought that girl's feet and shoes are sexy, but I was just wondering if it was too far to masturbate with a shoe. I have never actually told a person about it, other than on the internet. I am ashamed, embarrassed, and overall ambivalent about it. I will not tell my parents, because that would be just awkward, and weird. The same way with my friends. Just wanted some people to give me an honest answer about it.

Update: Yes I should add it is a foot fetish as well. I would love to have foot jobs in my future sex life. But just for now is the shoe thing acceptable.

Yahoo answers --- The answer is complex but if you google shoefetish bootfetish it is where I have found very comprehensive answers to this question. For me simply, once you have tried a shoe and liked it, made more complex love to shoe, and had high quality used great shoes that turn you on you will never stop doing shoes and you will have your fetish for life.   My advice is try to integrate your fetish with a social life with self control when you need it.

Shoe fetish From The Original Sex Wiki

Shoe fetish (also known as Retifism) is a sexual fetish with a focus on female shoes in general . If the shoe fetish is only focused on High heels it is called Altocalciphilia or high heels fetish. The mildest form of shoe fetish is to visually watch women wearing shoes, followed by a higher sexual arousal when having sex with women wearing shoes and the extreme forms are

  • Males wearing female shoes
  • Collecting pictures of female shoes
  • Collecting shoes
  • Ejaculating after fucking the shoe (rubbing the penis onto or into the shoe), which is called shoe fuck.)
  • Receiving shoe jobs

The first indicator of any form of shoe fetishism is to be sexually aroused by an empty female shoe. A second indicator is any form of shoe voyeurism or high heels voyeurism.

Prevalence of Shoe Fetishism

According to Wikipedia, shoe fetishism is one of the most common fetishes:" In order to determine the relative prevalences of different types of fetishes, scientists obtained a sample of at least 5000 individuals worldwide from 381 Internet discussion groups. The relative prevalences were estimated based on (a) the number of groups devoted to a particular fetish, (b) the number of individuals participating in the groups and (c) the number of messages exchanged. Using these measures, feet and shoes were found to be the most common target of preferences. This is consistent with an analysis of millions of search queries by users from the USA that were accidentally released during the AOL search data scandal. Sixty-four (64) percent of the sampled population that had a preference for an object associated with the body had a preference for shoes, boots, and other footwear."

According to Voyeurclouds posting log files, most of the shoe-fetish oriented posted photos show high heels, which means, most persons with a shoe fetish prefer to look at high-heeled type of shoes actually worn by a woman, followed by looking at "parked" empty high heels followed by other type of shoes like sneakers.

The high-heel focused fetish is discussed under high heels fetish.

  • If you feel somehow sexually aroused when enlarging some of the pictures on this web site of an empty shoe or boot there is a strong chance that you have tendencies for a shoe fetish