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Received by e-mail

Every day I work at home and for me the hardest part is staying out of my partners shoes.  
Not really because I want them and I simply can't.  So almost every day, sometimes twice a day I can't resist doing her shoes.  She loves buying shoes and there are so many to chooose from.  I have concluded that my partner is great and my love but but I know shoes are my biggest sexual passion.  I just love shoes and I am driven to them almost every single day.
I love shoes more now than I did when my fetish first strated and the more she wears them the hotter they get.
Look I may be kinky as hell but it is so much fun who cares.
thanks -- STF 

We are posting these notes as we receive them for your review.  Those that are posted are expected to be more unique with other points of view on shoe and boot fetishes besides those already on this web site and must be within our guidelines.  


We want to point out that  simplicity may meet the best test of  common sense for all but the extreme fetishist. So don't make them too long!!! We will try to post notes that add to the research and knowledge regarding some aspects of shoe fetish life and don't repeat.  


We ask that you post your fiction stories on a story site.  Most of the entries on this site, although some modified for easier reading, are personal accounts.  Yes, there are a couple of exceptions that we created, yet are still based in some aspect of

real shoe fetish behavior.


Received by e-mail


I just discovered your web site.  I am still reading through it with great interest.  I am a life long shoe fetish with my particular interest in the classic penny loafer, both men's and women's.  You could say I am a bisexual penny loafer fetishist.  As such I collect both types that I wear and make love to.  I have a large collection of used women's penny loafers in all sizes as well as used men's penny loafers in  my size (10D).  I have physically met both straight and gay men around the country for over 30 years and we have had great penny loafer sex with either women's or men's penny loafers or both at the same time.  I have a huge collection of every style of men's or women's penny loafer classic styles from every conceivable brands ever made.  I also have 1000s of pics of me having loafer sex with my collection.  Over 30 years I must have possessed and had sex with over a 1000 pairs of penny loafers.  I have written over a 100 short stories about penny loafer sex by boys, girls, men and women.  I enjoy writing stories about boys and girls learning about penny loafer sex as they grow up and share their loafer experiences with their friends.

I'd love to contribute penny loafer fetish material. (you just did)


Received by e-mail

Men's shoes???   What to do -

The note said these were a really great shoe encounter

-- you decide


Received by e-mail


 I have a women's shoe fetish, and only women's shoes and I have had one for many years, but, a year or so ago I bought a pair of black Men's Bruno Magli slip on dress shoes and frankly I enjoyed wearing them.  As new shoes they had little interest and I never considered them for my shoe fetish or for shoe sex.


As they started to wear and clearly they were made of very soft leather they developed nice wear lines and you could see the outline of my foot in the shoes.  Still this wasn't a womans shoe so I didn't think too much of it. 


One day I had had  a few drinks and was wearing these and may be a bit to lazy to get  out my women's shoes so I slipped one off to smell it.  To my amazement I became immediately stiff so I figured why not let's give them a try.  I laid them out on the bed one in front of the other and put some silicone lube on my member and climbed on top and slipped inside the right shoe.  It was big but it felt Ok and it was flexible enough and I was able to slide on in toward the toe of the shoe.  It  felt nice but not like a woman's shoe or boot.  Until !!  I slid my face inside the other shoe to smell it as I gently moved inside the other.  The lining was well saturated with my foot stains and wear lines so the smell and taste were fine.  


Something strange happened, the shoe had a thin small stretch leather elastic band around the edge of the foot opening that I had not paid much attention to and as I placed my face into the shoe it locked against my face.  As I started to make love to the inner sole I realized it had made a seal and held enough air to expand and contract the leather.  However, I still needed air and so with a finger I let fresh air in.  That is until as I got more excited I didn't pay attention to letting the air in and I focused on the shoe expanding and contractiing with each breath.  I was making love to the shoe and its well worn foot imprinted lining.  It was exciting, it smelled great, and the lack of air added a touch of exhileration to the encounter and I didn't notice much as I got a bit dizzy and the lack of air made my adrenalin pump with excitement and soon I exploded really well deep inside the shoe. 


Here is my problem;  I still love womens' shoes but this was so hot I found myself doing this pair of my own shoes on a somewhat regular basis.   Perhaps as much as a couple hundred times since I discovered this shoe.  They excited me so much I once did them 5 times in two days.   Am I losing my women's shoe fetish?  This is not where I thought I would go and I'm not gay or Bi or into other mens shoes.  Or now that I'm doing a mens shoe, am I bi or is it still just like a vagina?


Received by e-mail


THANK YOU SO MUCH SHOE FETISH BOOT FETISH I AM VERY GRATEFUL FINALLY I HAVE A PARTNER ---- YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER  ----  Since considering some of these notes on this site it has helped me to socialize my shoe fetish.  Now I am finding my point of view has changed some.  I used to just be happy when I found any sexy and erotic woman's shoe and I could just have fun and play with them.  NOW I'm also finding those shoes I adore are still great for a quickie shoe session but now I desire and want more.  I'm fussier than I used to be and I want a woman and a friend that is hot and exciting and knows how to wear a sexy great pair of shoes and who can enjoy the fun of a slightly kinky encounter.   I'm basically a really good catch except for my fetish which some have trouble with, but I'm finding if I am comfortable wwith myself there are a lot ofwomen who can handle it just fine.   It's exciting to me when she wears sexy shoes that I find a turn on and she gets it and then does it for me.  Oh yes I can still turn on to just shoes, no problem at all, but, I find I'd really prefer to have the whole game along with the shoes.   I am more excited by women today than I had been for most of my early teens and twenties and I'm surprised just how many actually will play now that I use the golden rule of shoe fetish play.  Oh yes I almost always get a shot at her shoes along with her.   Amazingly everybody gets to win when you play fetish games for two and not one. 


Surprised in New York


Received by e-mail


Just bought these Alexander McQueen knee high for real lace up boots on EBAY.  They arrived a couple of days ago.  I cleaned and disinfected the bottoms as I do most shoes I add to my collection and before I knew it I was aroused and so hard that it hurt. 


I couldn't see any zippers in the sales photo on EBAY but I guessed they were there.  Won that one!!!  Anyway, I think the laces would be too high to just tie each time a woman wanted to wear these. 


I set them on my bed.  Unzipped them, looked inside and found incredible toe prints and my body responded!!!   Witin the next few minutes I had folded down the sides near the zipper, put on a little silicone Platinum WET and I couldn't help but slide myself deep down inside one of these as I now laid on the bed on top of the boot.  I opened the other boot and my face fit inside the opening to a wonderful aroma of the other boot.  I lost control.  I couldn't help it as I realized I was now pumping away deeper and deeper into a boot.   My goodness I was doing another shoe and loved it. 


It ended up being an incredible shoe encounter and a grand release.  I just adore sexy well worn womens shoes and clearly I can't resist them.


As for the zippers, It was just a good guess on my part that these very expensive boots would have zippers.  I also guessed they would be incredible, and they were more than that.


So here I am just lovin my new, very well worn knee high heeled black leather lace up boots with an easy access zipper on the side.  One of the best boots ever, what a really good ride.   So in my mind if Alexander McQueen didn't have a shoe fetish I really don't know who does.     

Thank you very much !!! 
All of this Web sights postings have been very helpful to improve my life.  You helped me to try to integrate my shoe fetish into my social life.  It has been very hard but it seems to be slowly working.  I love shoes and everything about sex with shoe so much that learning to change directions has been a very difficult challenge to me. 
I have found someone who likes me enough to allow me to integrate some of my fetish with her.   You were right this is a very long process because to someone who has never had a shoe fetish this is not easy to explain or understand and her first response was did I want too fuck the shoes more than I wanted her.    I found I do like sex with women and that it is a lot of fun too and feels great, and I'm so excited bcause she has been willing to wear shoes to bed and will let me play with her feet with massages with her shoes on. 
To be truthful my first sex was with shoes and not a woman so I probably do love the shoes more at this point but I'm working hard to bring my respect and caring for her to the front of the picture and I'm trying for balance. 
You were right if I make certain to take care of her needs she does seem to be a little better about letting me play out mine and I'm not so lonely anymore.
Thank you again........ Steve J.