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SHOE FETISH --- Are some women interested in more than just buying shoes?


It may not be on the front burner for women, “but” the question keeps being asked, do some women have an interest in shoes beyond shopping?   Do some women understand men’s fetish behavior?  Do some use shoes as part of their sex play?  An interesting question, even more so when you consider   lesbians are interested in women rather than men.  Is it possible to develop a form of shoe fetish behavior for lesbian seductions and actions?  Do lesbian women use women’s shoes as they get into their play?  I am certain there are many variations of fetish behavior, and I think there are probably as many variations as the people who share this fetish.  As far as women and shoe fetish goes, there is very little written on this topic, however I was able to secure some information from my contacts researching this material.  In all fairness, I am not certain about some of the experiences.  I am not quite certain about all aspects of each case, I am a male with a shoe fetish and not a female.  I get male shoe fetishism.   I am including a few of the ones I received. 


Once again, as the materials were gathered to write this book it turned out that some of them appeared to be fantasies of desire, and they may, or may not be, actual real life stories.   Some of the women’s stories could have even be written by men.   Some of them appear to be real and these women appear to have tried with co-operating partners who were open minded and understood sex play as fun.   Although, some claimed that this activity was done with their partners, they claimed that they didn’t want to directly share their experiences and preferred to hide their identity so as to retain their privacy. From their notes it seems that they found a way to make this kind of sex play work for them.    


The notes and commentaries in this writing clearly reflect that a shoe fetishists mind operates in as complex a fashion as any other form of sexuality.  The variances in options and ways of finding sexual pleasure are as varied as the number of people in the world.  It remains likely that a shoe fetish probably would not be shared by a woman in the same way or manner as their male counterpart because the shoe perhaps mainly represents a vaginal entrance and most male shoe fetishist use it as just that.  However, the bisexual fetish girl noted in case number 9 seemed to have a bit of a fetish fun easily because in her mind she could be just as attracted to a vagina as a penis.   Perhaps the conclusion is that we have been looking in the wrong places to find women with a shoe fetish.  We should be considering the lesbian and bi sexually active women.   Although I have established and experienced that heterosexual women can literally, do a shoe, it does not seem to become a fetish for them when they do.  However, they do appear to enjoy it.  It may be that hetero sexual women develop many different aspects and variances.  A lesbian woman might consider a foot to be phallic and a pointed designer shoe exterior as erotic as well as phallic in many ways similar to male shoe fetishists. 


For some women with long term relationships with male shoe fetishists they noted that they were still very sexually active because of the allowance and addition of their mates shoe fetish during their sex play.  They noted many of their friends were commenting about slow downs in sexual activity, but some commented that the fetishists seemed to always find new shoes to look at and ways to stay excited.  The women noted that although their male partners may be looking at every pair of shoes walking down the street, or they enjoyed shoe shopping with them a bit more than normal, they seemed to be bringing that excitement home with them and then into the bedroom.  They noted the fetish activity added a deeper dimension and variance to the routine of oral sex and intercourse.  It seemed to add depth to the foreplay activity and it seemed to have gained the women more attention and ultimately greater pleasure. 


A review of some of the more interesting cases notes a significant variance in shoe fetish desire.  Case number 9 is an real account as best that I am able to determine.   My conclusion after meeting this person is that women may not have embraced this fetish because from their view, they don’t have the information and anatomy to figure out how to use it.  A shoe fetish is an almost easy progression for young males, women are attractive to them, men see hot shoes, they lock on to the sexual relationship, they experiment with almost anything to turn on when they are young, next you know they have tried experimenting by putting their member into a shoe, they accidentally find out it feels good, they keep on doing it until one day they orgasm, for them it is incredible, viola, a shoe fetish is born and his mind is locked on to the inside of her shoes.  Most women develop differently and don’t try anything so to speak.  So the likelihood of their falling into a pair of shoes is very, very low.  However, my experience is now showing me that once they learn something new that feels good, they can still get into it as well.  

CASE #9 - Shoe Fetish Girl - T-SET - This is about a guy who found a real fun shoe fetish receptive woman; 




I can't believe it happened, September 30, 1996 at around noon.  Being a shoe fetishist it is very hard to find a female who is into shoes.  In fact it is so hard it hadn't happened to me like this before. 


Well, I decided to go out and find myself a street walker with a nice pair of shoes on and then I decided I would hire her to play with me with her feet, and than ask her to do me with her shoes. 


So I am driving in an area where I usually look for girls in the daytime and none are out but I drive a little farther up the road and there is this whole bunch of people hanging out in the street.  This really nice looking girl waves at me.  


But because she is with so many people, men and women.  I decided it might not be safe to pay any attention to this. Even so she was in her white socks with no shoes on,,, but she was very cute, not beautiful, and had a nice body and great legs.  So I passed by a couple of times, she just waved and seemed to want to be picked up but the group was to intimidating for me to stop.  So I kept driving around.   I pulled down a street and stopped the car and I thought well maybe if she figures out I am interested and walks over, I'll give it a try. 


She was interested and walked over separating her from the group.  We talked a bit and I could tell that she was not very experienced at this because neither of us could get to the point.  Then she asked me what it is that I do, I told her I love to play with feet and shoes.


She said, huh,,,, what do you mean... I said I like to have women rub their feet and shoes over my mid section and turn me on.   She was looking for a few dollars, but was probably not a full time hooker, just a part time occasional hooker.  She said ok I can do that.  As she got into the car and we drove out of the area.  


I had a few pairs of shoes with and asked her if she would wear a pair for me.  She said that she would.  She liked them.  I had a very well broken in pair of 8 ½ Via Spiga leather shoes in a flesh tone color.   She was a size 7 1/2 and these were a bit big on her,,, but she wore them anyway.   I asked her to put them on my lap and rub me through my pants .... she did just that. 


Things were getting warmer and I noticed that she had lifted her blouse and was rubbing her nipples.  I asked her if she was getting excited and she said that she hadn't been out in a long time and usually didn't do tricks and she lived with 2 other women. 


I guess watching me get excited in a way she was unfamiliar with was exciting for her.   I asked if I could touch her pants and she said yes.  I decided well why not turn her on while I am getting turned on.    So I rubbed her clitoris through her underwear and she was responding to my touch and appeared to get a bit excited.  She said her lips were getting large. 


She asked me about my fetish.  As we discussed it I then asked her if she wanted to try an experiment and see if she enjoyed the leather.  She wanted to, in fact she seemed really excited to experiment in this way. 


I told her to sit and then lean back in the seat.  She did, I gently took off one of the shoes off of her feet and I told her I would just rub her through the pants.  She said that was ok.   I slid the shoe over my hand and glided it onto her mid section and rubbed the shoe on her pants over her clitoris.  


What she did next was unbelievable to me.   She took the other shoe off and was rubbing it on her breasts with her breasts touching the inside of the shoe.  I asked her if she wanted to try it with her pants lowered.  She immediately dropped her pants and I gently reached over placed a bit of KY gel on the shoe tip and touched her clitoris with the tip of the Via Spiga on my hand.  She moved it over her even harder but still gently so that the whole toe box was touching her vagina and clitoris.   I couldn't believe it this girl was getting off on women’s shoes and the KY gel prevented any dry friction.


At that point I told her what I normally do while stimulating myself was to kiss the shoe interior.  I asked her if she wanted to try to kiss the shoe... I was surprised she did it with ease...  In fact she began to kiss the shoe on the inside as well and seemed to be really getting excited about it.  At that point it was clear she was on, I think she actually orgasm and appeared to have made love to her first shoe. 


On the way back dropping her off, I expressed my surprise.  What she told me next was interesting, she said that she had to women roommates and they were her sex partners.  She said that she was always excited by erotic sexy women’s shoes but never even considered what I had just done to her and that she was going to go back and try it on her roommates. 


For me that was an unbelievable moment that may have changed my life and opened my mind.  But the bad side is that its just my luck... I finally find one who is interested and can enjoy the leather and she turns out to be not to be really interested in men.   Go figure... I guess the good side is that I won't destroy my life over this passion either.   But what a moment, I hope to see her again,,, but on the street you never know when that will occur or how long they will live there.    But whatever, it was a blast and a full surprise that will probably take many years to find again.