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Shoe Fetish Stoned

At first glance I thought these Tan Chanel's were OK but probably not spectacular.  The contributor (SJ)  states these are not only great for shoe sex but incredible for inner-sole kissing, fondling, & love making.  They note that shoe sex stoned is an incredible experience that should not be ignored or missed.

Hypersensitive is an understatement.  

I've heard this comment many times and when you put it together and your stoned many things can change. 

Try new things and most of all have fun!!!

By the way these shoes were incredible stoned.  Yum!!!

We record you decide????
Shoe fetish Boots Stoned

Jimmy Choo boots so used they just scream for you to enter them.  These re-sale boots are so hot I had to buy them on the spot and then very soon after getting them home -- well you know!!! 

Best wishes and thanks for posting  

These Chanel size 12s fit me like a glove and they feel like I'm inside a woman and the inner sole is just intoxicating just look at the foot impressions.  These are hot to make love to oral,  and then  penetrating, these  are very exciting and as you say electrical especially stoned. 

I finally get ballet flats. 

Some are just incredible, who knew!!!

Thanks for posting TTA


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Shoe fetish Research Stoned

Cannabis, sex, and the shoe fetish



My collection has grown and with my having slightly more access to used shoes and a bit more cash it makes life mildly interesting.  No a lot more interesting.  Thanks to this site telling me about used shoes on EBAY and legal pot in Colorado I have the highest quality shoes, boots, and Grass that I have ever had.  I now have every thing from 10 pairs of Jimmy Choo black leather boots to Gucci Helena Boots, Alex McQ Faithful boots in both red and black and all of these are very used, well worn and perfect for a shoe fetishist. ( Helena’s are my crown jewel and they look incredible on my partner, and shoe sex with them, magnificent.   If you don’t know what they are google images.)   I think I have at least 150 pairs of the highest designer pairs of used shoes and boots and then add about 20 or so pairs of celebrity used shoes that EBAY auctions off from time to time as the celebrities place auctions to sell these.  I wonder what they would do if they knew they were to be used for sex by a shoe fetishist!!!


ON TO THE UPDATED NOW MANY YEARS LATER OF "WEIRD SEX STONED" with items from my collection and my partners erotic closet.  A note, I have been following this site and its writings since Alt Sex Shoe fetish (ASSF) still existed, a site where hundreds of shoe fetishists found each other to share thoughts. 


Once again, but years later, everyone is out for the day and I am sitting in front of my computer doing a few odds and ends, and I decide, while living in Colorado, to smoke a bit of that Colorado legal weed. 

I've finished my work and I am taking a break and I'm realizing I'm very stoned.  This weed is so much more powerful than the weed I had 15 years ago or so when I wrote the first story.  I realize that I am more  than a little bit horny.   My partner  ( a woman ) is still not interested in daily sex and knows I will use this time for my fetish.   How? I tell her what I am doing. 


What to do?  I go to our bedroom to consider my options.  I walked into our closet and looked at her side finding it lined with very modern and fashionable clothing and on the floor are rows of neatly lined high quality designer leather shoes and boots.  I glance at her well worn shoe collection and a couple of pairs catch my attention.  They appear a bit more exciting and erotic than the others. 


This is not the first time I had done this a bit stoned, but this time I was very stoned on only a few puffs and finding that these shoes were more erotic and sexy than ever before.   That was very interesting.  I decide to pick up a couple of the more erotic pairs and placed them on the bed.  Then I went to my collection and brought out several of my boxes of shoes and boots. 


I placed the shoes and boots in a way I could glance at them and look at the fashion lines of the shoes.  I glanced next to she had left her very well worn Monolo black  Stiletto’s I leaned over and looked inside and found I was focused totally on the inside of the shoe as my penis started to slowly pulse and enlarge.  I also grabbed a pair of her Jimmy Choo knee highs and short black booties, very


I wasn't sure what would happen next but I knew that I had to write and document what I felt and share hot. my experience.  Being a bit stoned and certainly a bit horny I decided, I had a few pairs of designer shoes that fit me as well so what the heck no one is home and pulled these out as well and put on a pair of Jimmy Choo Black leather boots with a 3 inch heel and zipped myself in.  They were certainly a bit tight but they fit and felt incredible.  They felt good on and looking at them in the mirror across the room made me a bit more excited.  They were so tight I could clearly see the outline of my toes in the black leather of the shoe. 


At that point I was thinking that probably every fetishist should have a mirror so they can look into it if they ever decide to try things on.  My toes showed through the leather even a bit more than hers would and I could see the curve of my arch in the 3" high heel.   They were certainly a hot pair of shoes.   Looking at the shoes in the mirror I then watched myself moving in them across the room.


As I glanced back at the bed I noticed I had her pair of black stilleto Monolos as well as a few others from my collection.  For a moment I forgot about the boots.  When I took a close look at these shoes the interesting thing about these shoes is that the pointed toe area was erotic.  As I  looked inside it was lined with soft kidskin leather as I glanced at the toe area my mind wandered in a kind of kinky fantasy just a bit as I realized that I could probably slide my hand down along the inner arch and into the flesh colored toe area inside of the shoe. 


15 or so years ago I felt the smooth and silky leather on my hand on another pair of shoes and my member got hard.  So then I naturally just moved the booted hand to my penis and pushed it down and back in as us guys sometimes do when we have an unexpected rising we don’t quite want.  The soft leather made contact with my penis and it felt like electricity and I gently stroked it with my booted hand and it easily grew another inch.


This year Instead I decide to delay as I moved my feet in the Jimmy Choo boots.   I could feel my toes move inside of the shoe and it felt wonderful against the leather surface of the shoe.   Perhaps my foot pulsing in the leather was a premonition of things to come.


Being very stoned the curves in the very stylish black leather Monolo that I had next to me once again caught my attention.   I am interrupted by an urge to get closer to the shoe as I smell the aroma of the well worn leather.   I slide the shoe closer to my face as the urge to kiss the leather takes me over.   First I am attracted to the outside of the shoe and it is incredible.  Then with more excitement toward the opening of the shoe as I see the outline of her foot impressed into the worn leather lining.  I fantasized a foot inside the shoe and had to bring the shoe to my lips and kiss one of the shoes first gently and then I knew I loved the shoe more than I had ever thought I could and I kissed it with so much passion as if it were a woman.  My goodness it was more incredible than I had ever had before.  I felt like I was actually making out with a shoe and in my mind it responded.  


At first I slowly kissed it gently and then more passionately.  I was becoming so aroused that I found myself also deep kissing the toe of the shoe and sucking it into my mouth.  I imagined a foot still inside the soft warm erotic boot as I realize that I am not just enjoying my fetish I am actually making love to a shoe.  At that point my attention shifted as I began to kiss the inner lining of the Monolo again as my face was surrounded gently by the sides of the shoe.  It felt incredible.  The urge and my erection was so strong I was now forced to lower my underwear to lighten the pressure of the erection.  

At that point I unzipped the Jimmy Choo boot on my right foot to slide it off.  The aroma just about drove me wild.


I gently placed a few drops of silicone lubricant gel on the tip of my member and then folded down the sides of my black leather stiletto Jimmy Choo boot and eased it over my now throbbing penis.  I inserted my member deep down inside the flesh toned lining into the erotic inside of the sensational soft leather shoe the tip reached over the toes bumps sending electricity through my body.   I could feel the warmth of the boot and the soft leather walls surrounding my penis.  Oh my goodness it felt so good I was beyond excited.  The walls of the creased leather shaped by her foot caressed my penis in a way that it almost felt like I was inside of her.   


As my penis moved gently over the toe bumps inside of my boot it felt even more like electricity.   This felt so much better than I expected, all so soft all so surrounding. 


I then went back to making love to the Monolo with my face buried erotically deep inside.   I laid on top of and humped the boot with my penis thrusting deeper into the inner sole. I could see the outline of my penis move inside the shoe touching the inside of the toe bumps worn into the leather. 


I then took off the other Jimmy Choo I was wearing.  I then opened the inside of the boot moving my face gently into it smelling the intoxicating aromas of worn leather as I kiss and fondle it my penis continues to throb in and out of my boot in the place of my foot.  The fantasy is so kinky and just so much fun and being so high my passion focuses on the boot and I have all but forgotten about my  feet being inside and I am clearly in love with the boot over my face.  I am making love simply to these very well worn erotic black high heeled zippered kid skin black stiletto heeled Jimmy Choo kidskin zippered boots.


I am laying on top of the opened boot with my penis penetrating even deeper inside the boot as if I were on top of my woman having sex with her.  With the friction of the bed holding the boot in place I find I no longer need my hands and it's so much easier to move in and out of the toe area of the shoe just as if I were on top of a woman. 


In this new position, now the fantasy is really beginning to blow me away.  Now I am  deeply and passionately kissing and making love to the inside of both left and right erotic boots as the odor of the worn leather electrifies my body.  It is clear to me that I am excited by the boot and the thought of my partner is no where to be found.   To my surprise the boot itself was a turn on and I was passionately screwing my right woman's boot as I deeply kissed, fondled, and made love to my left boot.   


My body began to pick up speed automatically, as I pump in and out, in and out, in and out and I know that I can no longer hold it.   It was getting close as my mind focused on the excitement.


At that point I held the boot over my face so tightly that I was breathing the air from only inside the boot.  I read about this from someone who sent a note about tying the boot on but I wasn’t going to risk tying it over my face and passing out.  Yet, this is so amazing, why didn't I ever think of this before?  Goodness I love this, I mean I really love this.  Oh my,  began to question  how could a shoe feel better than the inside of a woman?   Right now after a lifetime of my shoe-fetish now being very stoned, it does feel better than any sex I have ever had.  I may change my mind if I’m stoned with my partner, but for now this sex is the best I have ever had?


As I moved move in and out, deeper and deeper into the boot.  It was so sensitive I could feel every leather wear line gently caress my member that is now riding deep inside the toe of the boot. 


I continued to kiss the erotic toe lines on the outside of the boot with such passion as I buried my head tighter inside of the boot and surrounded my face with the soft leather and the inside smell of the boot.  I felt safe because the boot is not tied on but it is holding itself in place against the bed as I start to get slightly light headed my body begins to shiver and pulse with my first orgasm inside of this wonderful well worn boot.  It feels so good as I moan with passion as I try to hold back but begin to let go with continuous explosions inside of the tip of the boot.   I couldn't stop pulsing, it was the most fantastic and satisfying orgasm I had ever had. 


As I calmed down with my penis sensitive I continued to feel the walls of the soft well worn leather boot as the pulses continue.  I am so aroused my body becomes tingly with sensations as I continue to move inside of the shoe and kiss the inner sole of the other boot as if I were kissing her.   As the explosion subsides, for a brief moment I consider what I am doing, I couldn’t believe it.   I was having sexual intercourse with a very sexy and erotic boot.  A place where feet live and walk.  As I consider this I kept exploding even more into the depth of the well worn boot.   It felt so good I didn't care that I was enjoying passionate lust with my own well worn woman's boot.  However, I did ease up and let air back into the boot so I could breath and not pass out.  Who knew putting your face into a boot and keeping the zipper close under your chin could add such a heated dimension to my shoe fetish.  But, I think I’m going to make certain it isn’t near auto asphyxiation levels.   This is fun and it was so easy to get air when I needed it and I made certain I did.


All to soon, my body eases and I relax.  What a great experience that was, all so satisfying.  I am once again surprised that it felt so much like the inside of a vagina as the walls of the leather gently caressed and surrounded me as I moved in and out. 


In my lifetime I never thought it would be important and wonderful to know what I finally know.   I finally knew the secret to being one of the world’s best women's shoe designers.  In time I would learn through penetrating experiences which shoes look and feel great and which ones just look great, and which ones not only look great but feel great as well.  They wear perfectly and gain the lines and aroma of the foot.  With a drop of sex gel (KY gel)(I added WET Platinum silicone lubricant) on the tip if it's hot your ready to move in and out with no friction and no staining.  It will clean with a little water or a cloth so that she will never know what you know.   


Another thing about being so stoned, I just finished a few mintues ago and as I gaze at the 30 or so shoes around me I’m drawn once again to another pair as I bring it to my face I get hard all over again.  I just can’t resist and I start all over again.  I find i am able to orgasm 3 sometimes 4 times in a session when I am stoned. 

Best wishes to you all and have a wonderful experiment, I hope you'll try it and discover the hidden joy of sex that the inside of a woman’s shoe can bring.  Just a reminder near asphyxia experiments can be dangerous, and pot, it's still not legal for recreation in most states but it is in Colorado.  For most shoe fetishists it takes a lot more than your everyday woman's shoe to get things hot, it takes a shoe with style, fashion, some good wear lines a great soft leather lining and for me toe imprints inside are a plus, and my choice is some wear lines and curves in the leather that add sex appeal.


It has been a while since I added anything to this web site.  I recommend that you get WET Platinum silicone lubricant, it makes it soooooo smooth,, you can get it at online at Amazon in a larger more cost effective size.  Get a bigger size because if you love shoes your going to use this often.


Shoe Fetish Stoned -

As the publisher of the site;


I ASKED JUST HOW MUCH TIME DID THIS SHOE FETISHIST SPEND DOING SHOES STONED??  The response I received was about 4 or 5 hours and he had multiple orgasms at least 3 and maybe 4.  But the fourth he claimed was not a lot of fluid but still felt great. 

The claim he made at the end was that not only did he have a shoe fetish but he loved it almost as much as anything else he could love.  I won 18 pairs of Jenna Jameson's used shoes bought directly from her and one pair of used Jimmy Choo Short black leather pointed boots bought used on EBAY in a Sheryl Crow auction.  I removed Jenna from the note above because we could not make certain these were owned or bought by the poster in Colorado.   It was too similar a post too one posted on this site by a person who has receipts for the purchases.  We decided not to challenge this and leave it alone left it out because iot could not be verified and it did not add to the story.

As I said on the first page, he said he really loved it passionately.  It also turns out  that he owns a collection of high quality women's shoes and boots that he has worn and that he has sex with.  I suspect a mix of his partners, used EBAY shoes, and his own well worn women's shoes provide a lot of joy.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments for me to post and forward?  

With 15% of the male population with a shoe or foot fetish just think there are so many that are still struggling to accept their fetish when they really could be enjoying it !!!   I remember what I was like at 13 and it took a long time to realize it wasn't going away and that was my passion. 

From a note by CR50;
I like shoes but when I tried it stoned I crossed into a new perspective.  I fell in love with the shoes I was doing and also went 3 times in a row.  Incredible feeling and I have to agree my shoe fetish has very much expanded and it now is very erotic and actively sexual.  My goodness I just love fucking shoes and now I don't feel guilty about it being viewed as -- whatever?
Shoe Fetish Stoned

I don't know what to say, but, I know I must say something.
I have always had a mild shoe fetish but enjoyed sexy shoes on the women I dated.  Surprisingly a lot more women than I expected had fun with the shoes play.  Maybe that's because I always made certain to take care of them first.  Over time my enjoyment did expand but it was always with a partner yet as I could I bought used shoe to indulge my fetish when my partner wasn't available. 

I had some marijuana that one of the women gave me and I was home alone one night and decided to just get stoned and watch Disney  cartoons.  It was really good grass and I got very stoned.   After a while I took out a few of my boxes of used women's shoes and set them  on the bed.  The reason I'm writing is because being stoned and once they were on the bed I looked at the 20 or so pairs and they looked so hot I got an erection that almost hurt.   I had some silicone lubricant and set it out as I laid down surrounded by these very sexy shoes.  It was intoxicating and I had never been as Horney or focused on shoes in my life as the smell of leather and women's feet engulfed me.

As I got more aroused I couldn't resist kissing the shoes inside and out.  Not long after I climbed on top and penetrated deep inside one of those shoes.  In all my years of sex I had never felt anything as incredible as a woman's shoe stoned.  Needless to say the rest was history as I proceeded to make love to the shoes three times.  Of the 20 shoes I penetrated all of them until each orgasm occurred.  INCREDIBLE!!!

My shoe fetish was limited, but a shoe fetish none the less, now I have a full shoe fetish and just love screwing the shoes as often as I can.  I still enjoy vaginal sex but my goodness the shoes!  There is no way to explain how incredible they really are.

Best wishes to you all and may you enjoy shoe fetish play if you have one.  If you don't have one, just maybe it's worth a few tries on a woman's shoes you really love.

Johnny Sprocket
P.S.- I liked the Chanel Black Ballerinas so much I bought a pair on EBAY.  Another real INCREDIBLE time.  You wouldn't think these shoes would be a great fuck, but they are!