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--- Thoughts on why fetishes and perversions are so different among different individuals and yet so similar in many ways.





FIRST, WHY ARE FEET AND SHOES SUCH COMMON OBJECTS? Insight comes from Dr. Antonio Damasio in his book “Decartes’ Error.” The sensory map of the brain is interesting in that it does not follow exactly the physical relationships of our bodies. One discordant relationship on the map is that between feet and genitalia—the sensory centers for feet are next to the sensory centers for the genitalia. In a study of phantom limbs it appears that when one sensory center is not receiving signals, the brain then gets signals from the next nearest center. In the case of feet and genitalia, therefore, sexual signals can come from feet if they are not coming from the genitalia. It may be that we displace our sexual signals to feet and shoes to avoid starting with the genitalia. When we reach puberty some of us do not know what to do when we have our first erection. We may have been taught, or we may think, that women’s genitalia are not to be touched so we go for the feet and shoes.



WHY ARE MEN MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A FETISH? Statistically this appears obvious. But one woman psychiatrist wrote a book recently in which she suggests that women have perversions, but they are more easily hidden and are often unrecognized. Women’s facial makeup, women’s great variety of clothes, women’s dieting, women’s attention to their bodies, etc. may in part represent perversions.

SEEING THE FETISH IS IMPORTANT. All of us fetishists like to see our fetish. In my case my primary fetish is ankle-high laced boots (high shoes) that I insert my penis and testicles into and then lace the boot over my organs—tying a tight bow-knot at the top so that the ankle part of the shoe is secured tightly around the base of my penis and testicles. I like to observe myself in front of three-way mirrors to see the fetish from all angles. I also like to see additional shoe fetishes around me on the carpet in front of the mirror, as well as shoes on my hands, or shoes hanging from around my neck at the same time. I may also insert my entire right and left hands and arms into women’s boots, and put high heeled women’s pumps on my feet—especially if wearing women’s pantie hose or lingerie. I then can crawl on all fours with the shoe on my cock and balls hanging down and swinging around as I crawl on the floor on all fours. It is great to do this in front of a mirror. I then move the shoe that is laced around my organs back and forth, and this gives me a great orgasm when masturbating with the shoe.

TOUCHING THE FETISH IS IMPORTANT. We all like to touch our fetish.  Whether it is panties, shoes, wool, mohair, fur, etc. I like to touch my collection of shoes, women’s high heeled shoes, women’s laced boots, and women’s knee-high soft leather boots. I like to hold and feel and kiss my shoe fetishes. Flaubert was a shoe fetishists and he kept a shoe (or shoes) in the draw of his writing desk which he would fondle periodically. I also touch, and see, and wear my fetish when I am writing.

SMELLING THE FETISH IS IMPORTANT. Time after time we read in the postings at this site the great pleasure we fetishists derive from smelling  shoes, feet, etc. I like to smell my fetish shoes after I have used them for JO. Sometimes I unlace the shoe and place it over my nose and tie the laces around my head so the open ankle-high boot is covering my nose. In this way I can smell the cum and sweat inside of the shoe to my heart’s content.

WHY ARE SOME OF US TURNED ON BY ONE THING AND OTHERS BY ANOTHER? My story provides a clue that is confirmed by other studies. We all “fix” on our future “objects” of sexual desire around ages 3 to 5. What we see and are exposed to at those ages has the highest probability of becoming an object of sexual attention. So the type of shoe a fetishist fixes on depends on the shoes seen in childhood. In my case, ankle-high laced boots, when I was a child. Then, for a while, shoes got very low. Higher boots have come back, and today the Italian shoemaker Maraola makes great boots. Similarly, if you never saw latex as a child you will not have a latex fetish. Ditto for wool. Ditto for underwear. But wool and underwear are very prevalent and that is why we can have a larger group of sweater fetishists and underwear fetishists. Many of us, for example, held blankets or Teddy Bears with us to bed.

My wife knows of my shoe fetish and she herself likens it to a child’s blanket that gives me comfort when I am under stress. I have never asked her to participate, and she tolerates the fetish because we are also quite active sexually with each other. Secretly, however, I sometimes dream of her putting a shoe over my organs, lacing it up tight, and then having her masturbating me.

MANY OF US FANTASIZE SHOWING OFF IN FRONT OF OTHERS. Cross-dressing, which I do in part, flashing, etc. fills our desire to show ourselves to others. It satisfies our voyeuristic tendencies—to see sex and to be seen doing sex. In my case, I would never show off my fetish in public because I would be arrested for lewd behavior. But I still hanker for display. I satisfy that hankering by going off into woods, undressing, and lacing one of my fetish shoes over my organs. I then tie another shoe around my neck and I romp around in the woods stark naked. I then masturbate by moving the shoe back and forth to stimulate my penis inside the shoe.

VARIATIONS ON A THEME. I don’t know about others, but in my case I continually seek different ways to enjoy using my fetish. For example, in addition to wearing the fetish shoe with the laces in front and the toe pointing forward, I have learned how to wear the shoe so that it faces backwards. I do this by first putting the shoe on my organs and lacing and tying it with the toe pointing forward - the “normal” position. I then twist the shoe slowly and turn it 360 degrees. During this process my testicles undergo partial torsion, which is stimulating. Once I have turned the shoe 360 degrees, I untie the shoe slightly and refit the tongue of the shoe so that it is seated correctly over my testicles, and then I retie the shoe. Following this I rotate the shoe back 180 degrees so that the toe now points backwards. I can masturbate this way with a different sensation.

I have also discovered that when the shoe is in this reverse position I can insert the entire shoe inside my jockey underwear. The shoe now fits snugly between my legs and is concealed when I walk in public with pants on. I have found this to be exciting. I also like to wear my fetish when I am driving long distances. I have even masturbated with the shoe while driving. Sometimes I have also worn high-heel women’s shoes or knee-high boots while driving and masturbating with my fetish shoe.

Share your thoughts and experiences. How did you get started with your love of feet, shoes, etc.?


SHOE FETISH CASE NUMBER 26 - Next to having sex with a woman - Hooked on shoe sex...

Hooked on shoe sex... by ALDO online – unknown details


Next to having sex with a woman I guess why I do shoes or have shoe sex is because the first time I experienced shoe sex and to this day it either meets or exceeds the feeling of being with a woman. Having said that I still very much love the feeling of being with a woman doesn’t take me the wrong way. But for me and I'm sure the rest of you it's the excitement and rush that you get when your "sneaking around" to get your hands on some hotties shoe without your girlfriend or friends finding out about it. For me I've never told any "guy" friends about it and don’t think I ever will ... not even my brother knows. I have a few stories to share and in my next post I think I'll try to put to words my FIRST shoe experience which took place in my neighbors garage. I have read that others who share the fantasy of having shoe sex all say that "sometimes it's like being inside of a woman" in many cases that's true, but at the same time I've had shoes before that were AWESOME and some that were shitty, didn't feel good at all and is it me or have any of you gotten so worked up on a pair of shoes you thought were SOOOO hot and would be soooo great to fuck and it ended up hurting you instead?



Random notes form the internet found with a web search – I have no clue who wrote these originally they appear to have been moved shifted and modified. 



Freud and the Foot fetish & Shoe fetish and retifism


Confusing but consider this;  Freud thought the foot had phallic implications with a shape like a penis, and women’s shoes with their vaginal yanni opening and many times the flesh tone linings were like vaginas, so even the simple slipping on an erotic shoe was now a psycho-sexual penetration event.


This symbolism has intensified from the 1800s although it is not to difficult understand why this phenomenon has become so entwined in modern shoe design.   Designer fashions have clearly leaned heavily on these subtle phallic nuances to convey hidden messages and it has worked.


Fashion historians described the erotic principle applied when body coverings which partially concealed body parts that were phallic could in themselves become objects of affection.   Foot coverings and many women’s shoes lend themselves nicely to this type of masquerade, so many can easily appear as a well designed phallic penis.  Traditionally women’s footwear was designed for men’s' pleasure.  Early on the adoption of the boot which laced to the mid calf was done to meet a moral code of the day and detract from sexual desire.  


Boots were now made of very erotic kid leather.  Of course this had the opposite effect and rather than detract from impure thoughts it now was becoming the focus of both men’s' and women’s sexual fantasy.  The idea of long legs has an appeal to both sexes.  An enhanced body contour,  g and foot now stiffly made and encased in leather has considerable allure and attractiveness. The thought of putting them on and more importantly taking them off, is for some people quite overpowering.


Shoes started to take on more and more sexual interest first by emphasizing the contours of the leg through the increased use of high heels and secondly the shoes becoming increasingly feminine and therefore more erotic and tempting. 


Many more retifists (shoe fetishists), both male and female,  developed and became aware of their attraction to women's shoes when, as young children, they innocently witness their sisters and other female members of the family, dressing.   When you think it is after all perfectly natural to have countless fittings before special occasions such school balls and weddings. The female preparation in these circumstances in modern times became  far more complex and intimate than their male counterparts as women’s shoe shopping trends grew to be called shoe fetishes.  These sessions would hold strong erotic attraction for the sensitive male counterpart who enjoyed the shopping zeal with more open sexuality added.  A few females were also beginning to join the ranks as well.


Shoes are, of course, the piece de resistance are very appreciated at the end of the fitting sessions when viewed with accessory clothing adding magic to the suspense of what was beneath.  Terms like feeling sexy, appearing attractive to others, and exuding power in stature are popular reasons for the growth of the shoe shopping habit.  Some love the sound high heeled shoes make and others revel in the different materials they are made from.   Most wearers insist it is the design of the style which draws them to women's shoes and not the idea of the shoe as a sex toy. 



The foot is the most common and persistent phallic symbol of the human anatomy.  Fetishism is said to work for many with a mild fetish by enhancing the sexual encounter and for some it can replace the human partner to various greater degrees.  Of all the forms of erotic symbolism the most frequent is that which idolizes the foot and the shoe.  Many foot and shoe fetishists, hetero, homo and bisexuals integrate their preference for feet and shoes into their stable and also their less intimate relations.  Indeed all relationships often involve some varying degree of fetishistic and non fetishistic extracurricular behaviors.