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New Toys From EBAY 

An incredible source for used shoes of almost every variety at many times reasonable cost.
If you have never had a shoe fetish 
you find shoes interesting
I dare you to try one with 
a silicone lube -- 
high quality leather shoes are the best for fetish play - 
but do it once, and if you enjoy it, 
you will probably do it for ever.  
It's just incredible!!!
100% Shoe & Boot Fetish "100%" 

I know this sounds nuts. 
How can I explain? 
I can't!
I've had many women yet today I'm on the very far end from most people and from many who visit this site.
I do very little, almost no, dating unless she has sexy shoes.  I generally prefer my sexual partners be well worn shoes & boots.
No I'm not anti social 
I just enjoy my shoe fetish.
 For someone without a fetish there is no way to explain why I don't want or need a partner.  
When I look, touch, and make love with a sexy pair of shoes or boots I easily can spend hours kissing & fondling.  If you share this fetish you know what I feel.  
In my mind I find I am many times 
very much in deep love with them.   
"Really!", very deep passionate love.  
Generally I have sex with shoes 
totally consumed and in love 
as much as with any partner.   

I just love being surrounded by many pairs of well worn women's fashion shoes and boots.  The curves, the aroma, the feel, just amazing and indescribable. 
Especially if I've had a little smoke. 
Although I prefer and fit the best inside 
women's size 9 to 10 1/2 shoes and boots
the ways I make love to these incredible well worn women's shoes and  boots is as varied as any sexual encounter can be.  On a day when I have time for fetish play I often times play with maybe a dozen shoes or more 
until one takes over.
At times I get so passionate that I think If there was a way I'd probably marry them.  
As it is I've had a very normal life except for the time spent, actually, many years spent with my shoe and boot fetish.  
My fetish has never stopped being a blast.
Each of the 100's of shoes in my collection is incredible and I know I could, and I have enjoyed sex with all of them, a dozen or so at a time, until I am totally exhausted and then I can start all over again the next day.   

If you don't share a passion for shoes and fashion boots I really am very sorry for you because I know you are missing out on some very, very incredible sex that I could never explain or share with you.  

Happy New Year 2017 - Tony B.

Tony thanked us for the intro to EBAY where he buys all of his fetish shoes today.  With thousands of used shoes to choose from he says it is so much easier than trying to find sexy shoes at a re-sale store of garage sale, and, EBAY has virtually no risk of exposure.   

Today I could not help myself as I did another pair of women's shoes.  

OH MY !!!


Just amazing.

Did my fetish start at age 5+/- before the first time I actually did a shoe?

Looking back & really thinking about it I was putting shoes over my face & loving the smell since that age.   No it wasn't sexual but it was fun.  I used to open the laces on my well worn Converses & stick my face down in them.  My head at the time fit easily into rain boots and I also found the high heels the family closet.  There were other things I did as well that were non sexual and kids play.  However today I can see how this eventually lead to my experimenting with shoes in puberty.

Anyone else consider the early years? 

Best wishes - John Snow   
A recent TV show showed a man holding shoe and masturbaing it with it his hands.   

Sorry, I've never done that!  I climb on top, penetrate, and have deep sex with the right shoe or boot while making passionate love to the other.   I conisder this more a sexual partner than masturbation.  I'm actually fucking the shoe.   That's my view!  --- Tom J

Sniffing Her shoes is supposed to humiliate us, but I think it’s a massive reward. And a simple sniff is not enough, as far as I’m concerned. That’s like taking the tiniest of sips of the best wine in the world. No, no, no: I want to dive in and inhale, kiss, and make love to the scent of Female foot, shoes, and boots.  Superiority, nonsense, true fetish love. Take a look at these pages for example on : Her shoe, glued to his face, maybe even with shoe laces holding them in place.

Now, that’s more like it! I could sit like that for hours on end, treasuring each and every breath while I cum in the other over and over. Hence: exhilarating, actually breathtaking. That Female perfume mixed with well sexy erotic divine worn shoes and boots; so thrilling, so irresistible. And my shoe fetish is simply so addictive! No one understands that better than a man or a woman with a shoe fetish. We know we’re willing to do anything for one more sniff, one more sexual encounter. In that respect we’re all junkies, craving and crawling in complete submission to a pair of well worn shoes.  

Editors Note: For many of us the reality is that a sniff is not accurate we actually make love to the inner lining kissing, licking, and fondling while we penetrate deep into the other.  Yes the odors great but making love to a shoe is so much more intense than that.   It is truely a cmplete sexual encounter.

– Moderated from Femdom Times


by bbb

Femdom Scent --  

General comment;

I've realized in the past few years that a shoe fetish is hidden, but also fairly common. Every guy this reader has ever met who has a shoes/foot fetish has also been really nice and very timid about admitting their fetish.  An interesting statement "Dump the honest shoe/foot fetishist and you'll marry the dishonest necrophilia or cheater"!


Letter from a reader;

So my boyfriend and i (21f) have been together for 5 years now (we were 16 when we got together). About a year and a half in he told me he had a shoe fetish, which explained why he really liked my jazz shoes and always complimented them when i wore them for dance. As far as I knew, he just enjoyed looking at women's shoes, having sex with me wearing various pairs, and occasionally masturbating with them. A few months ago i found a size 12 heel in his room and he told me heels had to be bigger to fit his penis in it. Well, that wasn't true at all. I found a whole section in his closet full of women's shoes in his size. When confronted about it, he said he occasionally likes to wear women's shoes around the house and masterbate with them on.

He feels awful for lying to me, and says only has the urge to do this while I am away at university. I feel bad saying this, but I really am not comfortable with my boyfriend doing this. I guess its a mix of not understanding why he likes wearing the shoes and how it started when I was away at school so I feel like its kind of my fault.


Am i a bad person for asking him to get rid of some of the shoes? there's quite a few pairs... i worry about his mental health and if he is becoming overly obsessed with his fetish. he said he is willing to get rid of them, but i don't want him to end up resenting me.



Truth is if the fetishist wants a relationship and is socially fair and responsible they would use the golden rule of sex – “my partner before me, always”  Understanding that a fetish is for life, whether LGBTQF or straight the fetishist should not make their partner feel like the shoes are more important than you are.  But, let me be clear, Shoes to a fetishist are a very important and integral part of their sexuality.  The shoe fetishist with infinite wisdom will determine to balance and control their fetish, or, choose not to take partner.  The fetishist may love their partners closet, but, if that’s all they want the relationship will go nowhere and they should probably go to EBAY to buy a used shoe collection.