Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish
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Could you just slide right in???

Or would you just simply ignore this Chanel T strap pump as just another well worn older expensive designer all leather shoe?
Perhaps this pair of incredible Celine Babouches are just for the shoe fetish lover and not for you? 

The style is erotic, hot, sexy, and well worn with a soft and great leather inner sole. 

Is this pair a shoe fetishists dream? 

A bigger picture of these is below. 
Some look at these pictures and wonder, "I just don't get it", others look at these pictures and to them
they are XXX rated and drives them wild and into their closets. 

So will we ever know why some people love shoes and others just see used shoes? 
Ok We get it, when a non shoe fetishist thinks about shoes they see the mostly non descript people walking the streets of their town.  We agree Walmart and Payless shoes are not very sexy but very functional.  Not even a full shoe fetishist gets excited seeing everyday people wearing everyday shoes. For example let's take this shoe.  To a typical non fetish viewer at first glance it is just a fairly well used and perhaps typical shoe and most might  probably just ignore it.  No actually most people will just ignore it.  The researcher might ask, "why this one?", but has never tried a shoe to find
out really why this fetish excites anyone, much less so many?

To the shoe fetishist they find this shoe sold on EBAY and it turns out by a very small woman seller who is actually stating that she is clearing out her own closet, and by the way she also has a very sexy username along with other items for sale which give an indicator about who this person is and for the fetishist this adds to the fantasy about her shoes. 
To others it is meaningless as are the shoes.

True, you still don't really know anything yet but yet you might imagine a nice looking shapely woman wore these well formed used shoes?  Given the other items for sale the sizes, colors, and choices add to the probability of a guess of an interesting person. 

After months of wear this high quality designer all leather shoe that originally probably cost close to $500 or more has now become broken in, has wear lines, and the foot impressions make them more sexy and exotic to the shoe fetishist.  The woman's foot impressed lines in the leather and made visible toe bumps inside and on the outside of the shoe which add greatly to their erotic appeal.  So this is not just a low cost big box shoe but a limited production high quality hand made shoe.  
To the non shoe fetishist, well they are just still used shoes.

The fetishist I suspect has now added the fantasy a nice looking woman wearing  these and then parting with them on EBAY to the highest bidder, which is now you.  She has no idea that the person buying them wants to get to know them and make love to them.  
For the non shoe fetishis the quesiton remains, why?

Regardless, you are excited when you win the bid and even more excited as you wait for them to arrive.  When they do arrive you find they are perfectly leather lined designer shoes by Philip Lim 3.1 with wear lines from her feet and toes just like you hoped worn into the inner sole which excites you.  

You simply couldn't ask for more!

You inspect one as you bring the left shoe to your face and you can smell they have the odor of wear as you untie the laces and almost can't resist placing your face deep into the shoe. 
Do you make love to this new exotic shoe now or later? 
Some might not resist and make love to the shoe that moment. 
Others might resist, waiting, at least until they are cleaned?
The non shoe fetishist never even go this far, and could care less that they missed out on an icredible and great time.  

The decision is made quickly.  These simple looking shoes are really so sexy you won't wait.  You try, but you can't resist kissing the left shoe as you are so ready to enter the other.  Doing so brings this new treasure to a passionate climax as you then continue to make love to the shoes.
Remember, looking at the picture above to  a typical non fetish viewer or researcher they see just a picture of fairly well worn non descript oxford style laced used woman's shoe.  If it was worn in a shopping center by a just so-so average non descript person they probably would ignore it.  But because you know this non descript shoe is so much more and even though it really is a very expensive designer shoe, to you the shoe fetishist, it is an incredible sexual encounter that just made your day.
This simple shoe became another great sexual treasure.
The non shoe fetishist has no idea how great this fetish is or how wonderful and pleasureable the right shoe or boot can be.
We often miss great things in life because we can't see them.


Laisez les bon temps rouler

 Let The Good Times Roll !!!


A Shoe Fetish can truely be one of lifes gifts

it can be a curse.  


If you have one you already know this.


If you do not,

it's hard to understand.


If you do have one,

then you already

 know an incredible & exciting secret that can add social complexity
to your life.
Let's start with a basic understanding.  Since everyone is different who knows what it is about any pair of shoes that gets them excited.  BUT;

1- Used shoes have character

2- used designer shoes and boots can be shaped very sexy when on or off.

3-With a heel or without a shoe can give a sexy shape to what might just be flat feet.

4- On EBAY maybe only 1-2% of the used shoes listed might be of interest.

5-Although most like well worn used shoes some love a new pair.

6-Although this site leans toward leather high quality well worn shoes, some prefer those bought at box stores new.  There are a wide range of tastes.  The favorites here are high quality top name and mostly very expensive all leather designer shoes and boots.

7-Some like shoes that fit them that they can wear and then take off and get turned on.  Some love sexy shoes worn by beautiful women. some love other shoes worn by men or women depending on their preference.    

A simple, yet high quality, goat skin jazz shoe by French dance supplier Repetto becomes a top xxx shoe fetish choice.  Why?  When worn they shoe the whole foot impressed nto the leather.  Also once the canvas lining wears it can be rmeoved from the innner toe leaving an incredible smooth leather surface that even shows the foot more and is sexually incredible.  If you find a pair used on EBAYand they interest you see if you agree?