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Why do men do shoes ???

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Where can you buy a used pair

of sexy shoes or boots that doesn't

 cost +/-$1,000 to $2,000 --- EBAY


YES, shoes and boots are more reasonably priced used,

but they are still fairly expensive

and it will still cost you. 

If you can only afford better priced options there are thousands of used shoes listed so have fun.


YES again, and most have EBAY ship them directly to them.  That's the advantage of being

"Out Of the closet"

and in the open. 

Then when you buy a pair of Chanels, Gucci's, or any designer your partner and you many times will select and do it together.  Then you will know you will both like and wear what is bought.  When you buy for your  collection and personal fetish time you won't hide that either and those can be in any size you want.


As for buying other womens used shoes?  After many partners thought about.  Many conclude that it was actually a good idea. 


They are able to buy incredible shoes at a reasonable price.  Perhaps some of her own shoe fetish for sexy shoes she just can't afford can come through.  Also a happy sex life for both of you will keep either of you from straying very far. 


Many women are concerned they create the thought of another woman without the other woman. 


At first once in a while many have said there was a feeling of jealousness.  Is it her or the other woman you want?  Many partners soon loved the shoes and started to adjust to the thought of competition .

It might be another womans but they soon realize they own the fantasy realize once they own them, and she wears them they are hers. 


Now I'm told they ask and look for certain styles.  When they can't find them on EBAY the response is, patience!!!


Over time everything shows up on EBAY it's just a mattter of timing.  


Shoe Fetish Pumas

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Look at the curves?

Just maybe you prefer these?

Shoe Fetish

These Alex McQueens

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Very hot, very soft,

on a partner incredible

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Jimmy Choo Black Leather

Shoe Fetish Boots

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Slide it in,

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Shoe Fetish

Jimmy Choo Boot

Your alone,

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Do you ignore it, or do it???

Shoe Fetish

The inside certainly is shaped like

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Could it be  just waiting???

Why do men masturbate in womens shoes?

           From a posting on


Because they can and doing a shoe just feels incredible? "or"

This Answer was posted on  (unknown author)


------------   our response which agrees in some areas follows:




1)       Research says somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the industrialized world's male population has a foot fetish. In the brain, the nerve area responsible for sexual arousal is located near the nerve area that governs sensations in the foot, and it is believed that somewhere in the complexities of the brain, the wires get slightly but harmlessly crossed.


2)      For those of us with a foot fetish -- and I suspect that accounts for most cases of men using shoes to masturbate with -- it's usually a matter of not being able (or not being available) to fulfill our attraction to a particular woman, so we take advantage of access to their shoes. Particularly well-worn shoes have the owner's unique natural scent, filled with pheromones, making it a natural sex attractant. I think for these people, it's less about the shoe than the owner.


3)      Of course, there are those who have a pure shoe fetish, meaning they can get aroused simply by women's footwear -- the heel, the curve, the straps, the buckles, etc. -- no matter whose it is. There's a considerable amount of research that says this fixation is rooted in childhood, when we bonded with our moms based in some part upon what we could see from our vantage point low to the ground. (It doesn't mean we want to have anything sexual to do with our mothers, necessarily ... it just means that she the first woman in our lives, so there's a unique bond.)


4)      In my case, it's the former rather than the latter. A random shoe does nothing for me (although I can appreciate their feminine appearance). But I can easily get off with a pair of heels if I know whose they are. I don't have to know the woman particularly well ... just enough to know what they look like, what their personality is like, etc.


5)      As a teenager, I "enjoyed" my friend's older sister's heels, the sandals of the female neighbor whose house I watched while she was out of town, my girlfriend's heels that she forgot at my house, the sandals of an older coworker from a summer job, and many more experiences over the years. It was a good way to get off when it was otherwise impossible.


6)      I'm not exactly proud of those adventures, looking back as a man in my 40s, but that's my explanation. I'm married now, and fortunately my wife indulges my foot fetish as often as possible. But if I'm horny and she's not available, I've certainly got a plan B ... because of who they represent.

This isn't a universally applicable explanation, but I've been curious enough about my own kink to look into it, and this is what I've found.



Something is not right in this posting so, here is my response to this foot fetishist and perhaps "In The Closet Shoe Fetishist",  or who knows maybe this was posted by a a researcher? 


1)      Implies a non scientific comment crossed wires in the brain.  This to appears to be less than reality.  The human foot has curves and angles that are erotic and sensual.  Shoes also have been designed with this characteristic as well.  Especially the better designed shoes.  Our researched data shows, which is close enough, closer to +/-20% with a foot fetish and perhaps several percent graduated to a shoe fetish.


2)      Here we think most shoe fetishists will debate the comment masturbate with.  Yes it's conceded there are some shoe fetishists that hold the shoe and manipulate the shoe just like masturbation and we will give them that cluster and agree.  However, there is the second group that actually does not hold the shoe and makes love to a shoe as if it were a partner.  They climb on top and ease their members into the opening of a shoe on perhaps a bed, just like in penetration sex while making love to the other as if they were romancing a partner.  Some might call that masturbation, this type of fetishist is humping the shoe not manipulating it in their hand.


3)       Maybe mom, maybe someone else and some might agree that might be about the time most might link on to their fetish.


4)      The author notes that a random shoe does nothing for him but he gets off on shoes of people he knows.  Ok, so that is his preference.  However, if that same person walked into a room with a well worn incredible pair of Jimmy Choo Black leather high heeled pointed toe zippered boots, and he could smell the aroma?  We wonder?  Most of us with a shoe fetish that can do a shoe we know are probably going to slide the zipper down and fold the leather of the boot over exposing the yanni opening of the boot and climb on top with a little silicone lube and do the boot while putting our faces deep inside the other one.


5)      The only comment is that for the shoe fetishist there are no excuses if they know who they are.  When alone, it is always a good way to get off.  However, it can be agreed there are times we are alone to enjoy our own pleasures.  However, this isn’t practical or right if you infringe on your partners time.  You need to meet a partner’s needs and that isn't the time to make excuses for enjoying your fetish.  Enjoy your fetish with your partner.


6)      Apologizing for your shoe fetish and permanent sexuality passions?  That is weak and we can only hope this person gets the strength to face who he is and what it is he enjoys because it isn’t going to go away anytime soon.  This person appears to have a foot fetish and excuses himself if he indulges in shoes.  Poppycock, this guy loves feet, and he has a flaming shoe fetish and is almost, but not completely out of the closet about it.   Most shoe fetishists have a plan B when their partners are not available and they need relief.  Yes, and almost all are particular about the shoes they enjoy doing and collecting.   We know many whose particular tastes are very expensive.


However, Let’s consider, you go to a hotel and check in maybe you’ve been to the bar had a couple of drinks and you head back to your room and head for bed.  As you get in you notice on the floor just under the bed is something black.  It’s that pair of well-worn incredible Jimmy Choo Black leather 3” high heeled pointed toe kidskin zippered boots we talked about, and you pick them up and you can smell the aroma of leather.  You set them back down knowing someone forgot them and your being a good boy and you try to go to sleep.  You are alone and you know the boots are there and you keep thinking about them and after all they are very sexy.  How long will it take you to give it up, unzip the boots, look inside, get captivated by the mixture aromas, and then regardless of your intent, your member is your traitor and becomes stiff as a board, and really you won't give in and do the boots?  For most honest shoe fetishists that answer is simple and very fast.  They would have planned the rest of the night around them being alone in the hotel as soon as they found them and realized they were so very hot and sexy. 

For the guy writing above, if he is telling it straight it may take a while longer for him to move into the boots but if he has a shoe fetish and loves to do shoes even if he usually only does his partners or someone he knows once in a while without her, my guess is he will be doing the boots 2-3 times before that night is over starting, well,  very soon.   Except where where many of us know we would love it, he will probably feel bad and maybe ashamed of himself and never tell a sole he did those boots.  It's a good guess but many reading this with a shoe fetish might just pack them and take them along for their collection?



If you are alone with a really sexy pair of very well worn shoes or boots and you have a shoe fetish odds are most would do them rather than ignore them. Even some fetish curious in that situation might find they are looking much closer than usual and maybe experimenting a bit too.  BUT, experience tellls us that if they are not "out of the closet', they would probably turn red and flat out deny it.   

More and more are letting us know they do not need the woman to do the shoes and boots.  On EBAY they can select and buy almost any type of new and used shoes and boots that they want in almost any condition and those shoes fully meet the needs of a fetishist for a good sexual encounter.  Yet it is also true that others prefer to know who wore them. 

Either way there is something for everyone.