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Jenna Jameson's Used Shoes

For a guy with a  shoe fetish it is like heaven to own so many of these.


A guy can have a complicated dream, can't he?  

Shoe Fetish 

Jenna Jameson's shoes. 


I almost didn't buy these until I looked closer and thought OMG these everyday shoes but would be just great for kinky play.

They are very well worn &

as it turned out, very nice.

Not just nice they are great,

in fact more than.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson's Manolo Open Toes -

so hot and all so soft.

I know the Pccys are not so great but they are what came with the shoes from the HOJ web site

with Jenna wearing them.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson


Who could resist this set,


Jenna even took the Pccy

for the sale. 

I think it is what she might call a clearance of the not so desirables.

Except to me it was

a treasure trove.

I bought them all on the spot.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson

These are so very classic

exotic dance star slippers.

So very used and so very Jenna & surprisingly the leather is incredibly kinky and

one of the best ever.

Shoe Fetish - Jenna Jameson's early career club stage adult dancing go-go boots.
Yes they are zippered.

You would think, oh interesting, that is until you see them. 


They are not designer but  when you consider who wore them and her dancing in them they become electrical and if you like Jenna Jameson, and your imagination is ON, they are !!!

Some Dream Girls are reachable.


I  Have Some of Jenna Jameson 's Used Shoes


Well actually more than a few I bought 18 pairs.


- Just the Idea of them is "So Hot" !!!


I bought the shoes from Jenna and the House of Jameson, but the only thing I wish I was able to get, that's not about to happen, would be Jenna Jameson in them.  That's how a dream should be - LoL  {(:-)


Wouldn't it be so much nicer if  this quirky high spirited ego centered woman walked into the room wearing those boots for me ???  Of course it's a Dream !!!  that's what makes it so much fun you can think what you want in a fantasy.  I just like to put it into words.  


Still LoL {(:-) very loud !!! 



I bought each pair of shoes online from the House of Jameson and verified addresses with notes from Jenna, receipts and her signature on each sales document that these are in fact Jenna Jameson's used shoes. Many included photos with her wearing them. 


I spoke with Jenna & the House of Jameson on occasion many times by Twwitter and by Twitter DM when I bought them that I wanted to collect them and and never sell these shoes.  They would become a permanent part of a very special collection.  Jenna Jameson is, to me, unique and a true treasure. 


I hope and wish her much continued success as she moves into main stream Hollywood.  She works hard for her success.  I just hope that she is able to remember where she came from.   I think this rough and tumble city girl that may have once lost her way a bit in her celebrity, finds herself.  If she doesn't,  that would be truely a shame.  Keep it real girl




NO,  No, no - Jenna's shoes will never be for sale. 



Below are Jenna Jameson 's "Red" Alan "K" shoes from "Janine Loves Jenna"...   An AVN award movie Jenna's famous devil scene.  These are a size 6 and I now own them.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson

Below are Jenna Jameson 's "Red" Alan "K" shoes from "Janine Loves Jenna"...  An AVN award movie Jenna's famous devil scene.  These are a size 6 and I now own them.

Shoe Fetish - Jenna Jameson's

Tiny Dancer Shoes

She wore these in exotic adult clubs dancing.


The straps hold them on and the heel is trong enough to support energetic dancing.

So can you imagine her dancing away. 


By the way, the straps also help other ways. 

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson

These shoes scream

everyday housewife. 

Jenna may be a house Mom but, she is nothing close to everyday anything & all things considered, these shoes are not either.

Jenna names these love and desire.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson

Another view of love and desire.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson


You would think this pair of just hanging out boots would be nothing special.




If you love boots, this one, knowing where it came from, will rock your world & blow you away.


Kinky, oh yes & so glad I am.  My fetish is like a great spice on life.  

Jenna Jameson Slippers - All leather, designer, very used, and they even came with her toe bumps impressed in the shoes. 
Knowing Jenna only slightly my guess is that having a fetishist buying her shoes would probably not even bother her in the slightest.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson

She added a photo and sold these YSL shoes on EBAY with the photos and raised the price, a lot, they were very very  pricey,

new ones may have

cost about the same. .

Shoe fetish withJenna Jameson

Let me just ask,

could you resist this woman?

Or this pair on her?

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson

Who else would buy and wear a pair of D&G shoes with SEX written on them? It's why I adore her, she isn't shy in the least.