Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish
why we like to  
fuck women's shoes


Why a Shoe Fetish?  What's it like?  Case #36


A shoe fetish?  Some just don't get it?  It is fairly hard to explain but what is it that clicks in a shoe fetishists head?  This provides a discussion received by women in different situations and perhaps it will help clarify what it is a shoe fetishist thinks and sees.  It's cleaned up some for posting.  This case is a summary of points that are interesting.  This person doesn't get into the topic of women, it seems for the moment the case just addresses men.  If other thoughts and additions are received that are postable they will be posted.




Why We Like to Fuck Shoes????


A)     A beautiful woman (or man) is standing in front of you naked.  How do you feel?   What are you thinking is she (he) incredibly exciting to you?  Are you getting aroused?  For many maybe so and that’s all they need to get excited.  A simple easy life.  For others things get more complicated. 


B)      Next you see the same woman in a nice black lace teddy style negligee.  The teddy accentuates the curves at the top of her body, her breasts are now better positioned and appear more accentuated and the clothing adds some mystery and excitement.  Now how do you Feel?  Is she even more exciting to you?  Are you getting even more aroused?  Clearly her form now appears to have more curves and for most that adds a great depth of heat and sexiness.  However the lower part of her body is bare, no nylons, flat footed, and no shoes, and as such she just isn’t as defined as she might be. Now we know many normal men get excited by this, but for some we want so much more.


C)      Now you see the same woman again in a nice snug black lace teddy but now she has added black nylons and a pair of sexy high quality high heels or perhaps a pair of knee high 4” high heeled kidskin pointed toe boots.  Her legs and rear end are now positioned better and the sexy curves are now tightened up and her feet now have the curves along her arches that a raised heel accentuates.  Now how do you Feel?  Did the addition of shoes make things more exciting to you?  Are you getting even more aroused than just the teddy?  For the guy who likes the lower parts more than just the breasts they might get excited by this new picture.  That doesn’t make you a shoe fetishist but finding her feet, shoes, or maybe everything on the low end might mean there is a slight trend to some leg, nylon, and perhaps foot fetish potential.  Especially if you are getting hard looking at or touching her feet and shoes and if she rubs you with them you and you still find it exciting and maybe she orgasms you with her bare feet or perhaps with her booted foot, and you love it.  BUT, your still not a shoe fetishist just a person aroused by a very sexy picture and an erotic setting and you let yourself go.  Maybe there is just a little bit of fetish in your life.


D)     Now if you stop at this point and didn't let go and you find you start to focus on and think only about the shoes and knee high boots, and after all they are getting you very excited, and you do enjoy them on her and touchiing you.  Well perhaps now you are getting somewhere perhaps only to the point where you can begin to really appreciate the shoe fetish.  BUT, alas your not a shoe fetishist yet either.


E)      Now things change you both had sex, and now she takes her shoes or boots off and you are on the bed finding yourself staring at them right next to you as she leaves the room and you find you are staring and starting to see the sexy curves intentionally designed into her well worn shoes and you start to get another, or perhaps you still already have an erection that gets harder thinking about these very erotic boots.  Well now your almost there. 


Very close, but still not a true shoe fetish yet, at least it doesn’t appear you are?  So where does a shoe fetish really get defined as started?  Ok, the above picture is wonderful but if that same person is so excited that when your partner or this woman takes her shoes and boots off that as they lay there you are still focused and drawn to them and you find them somehow erotically attracting.  You might pick them up and open them, perhaps smell them, and the aroma of leather and her smells mix to form aromas a lot like sex.  You discover you enjoy it and find you are getting more aroused so you then take the next step and rub yourself against them to see what they feeel like on your member, or maybe your too afraid to do that but you want to and don’t but it conitnues to burn on your mind.  So you figure maybe you will check them out later because you are curious and want to?  Or maybe she is in another room and you want to feel yourself rub against them or inside of them right now and as you slide along the surface or ease inside like her foot gliding into the shoe.  You soon discover you like the soft surrounding surfaces of soft leather and, OH, you just orgasmed.  OK, Now you are there!!!   I hope you enjoy your shoe fetish. 





The secret you didn’t want to know that almost all of the researchers never understand because they don't really understand this fetish, but now you just learned from a different view.  Simply put if you got this far and if you were hard enough and excited enough and you already have a little silicone lube on your member from the intercourse that you just had, you might find penetrating the curves and the inside of her shoes, that's if they are of high quality, and my guess, a well worn shoe or boot like the pictures of the Jimmy Choo black leather knee high pointed toe zippered boot on these pages, then you might find some very smooth and easy to penetrate surfaces and you might also learn the entry of the right shoe feels almost as nice as any penetration sex.  Something physical and magical happens here just like in penetration sex when your member is surrounded and manipulated.  Many fetishists lay the shoes on the bed and get on top of them and penetrate and do them just like entering a woman.  The difference now your member is surrounded by soft leather and as you ge ton top of it you find you glide deep inside over those creases and once you hit those incredible toe bumps, surprise you just learned that with a little silicone lube on your member and you on top of the shoe that you went so very deep into the boot and most will send electricity through your body.   This is why the shoe fetishist loves shoes, the sex is really incredible.  I’m certain this wasn’t Victoria’s Secret but it is Victors.