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October 2016 --- This week the Cable show Masters and Johnson regarding sex research completed years ago had it's first piece on shoe fetish.  They talked about a man copulating with shoes and in a later show they helped him to integrate this with his wife and vaginal and oral sex. 

Lets see how will they discuss this subject in the next show?  Do they know the Golden Rule of retaining relationships outlined on this web site?  We will see where they go with this? 

When M&J did their study, very few shoe fetishists would discuss this topic, today many are still hidden, but, now they have sites like this one to come out and talk about their fetish and relationships.

The Surprising Power of Women in High Heels

Posted Dec 31, 2014      Psychology Today 

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Over the years, I have written about different features that can increase physical attraction, making an individual seem more handsome or beautiful. I have also discussed how personality can influence judgments of physical attractiveness. Further, I have even shared research demonstrating that the color of clothing, specifically red clothing, increases sex appeal.

Today, I would like to continue that topic with the exploration of women's footwear. Clearly, many women care about shoes and take great care to shop for them. Until recently, however, it was not known whether such shoe choices had any effect (beyond perhaps improving the woman's own self-esteem).

Now we know "The Science of Sexy Shoes"

Nicolas Gueguen (2014) explored the effects of women's shoes in a series of four experiments. In all of these experiments, Gueguen dressed a few college-age women in matching outfits (black straight skirt, white long-sleeve shirt, and black suit jacket). He then varied the size of the heel on the shoes they wore and had them participate in a series of tasks. For those interested in shoe specifics, here are the details below:

"New, black leather shoes were used: one with flat heels (flat heels condition), a second with 5-cm heels (medium heels condition) and a third with 9-cm heels (high heels condition). They were in fashion and considered to be dress pumps that enveloped the sides of the foot, the heel, and the toes, leaving the ankles and the instep visible. The shoes had neither straps nor laces. In the two conditions with heels, except for the length, precaution was taken to use the same form of heels: the top of the heel was 4.595cm2 and tapered to 1.591 cm2 at the bottom."

Gueguen (2014) then sent these women out to perform various tasks on the street and measure the reactions of random pedestrians. In the first two experiments, the women were asked to solicit participation in various surveys on equal rights and dining preferences. Results indicated that higher heels significantly increased male pedestrians' willingness to comply with the survey request (with high heels getting an 82-83% response rate versus flats 42-47%). Unfortunately, however, the shoes were not as persuasive for female pedestrians, who generally responded to the request at a 30-36% rate, regardless of the type of heel worn by the requester.

Experiment three measured the effects of high heels on helping behavior. The same group of women were asked to walk around in various shoes, accidentally drop a glove, and see whether someone would tell them. Here again, heel length had an effect on men's helping behavior. Men informed a woman in heels that she dropped her glove 93% of the time, versus 62% for a woman in flats. Here too, the shoes had no effect on other women's helping behavior; they consistently reported the dropped glove just 43-52% of the time.

In the fourth and final experiment, the female assistants were sent into a bar wearing different heel lengths. The experimenter measured how long it took for the women to be approached by men, depending on the shoes that they wore. Men again were swayed by a woman in high heels: The women wearing the highest heel were generally approached by a man around 8 minutes after entering a bar, as opposed to 14 minutes for a woman in flats.

Overall then, not only does a woman in high heels appear to be more influential...she is more alluring as well.

Are High Heels Right for You?

The choice of whether or not to wear a sexy, high heeled shoe will depend on your tastes and your audience. Given the research above, if you want to attract a man, persuade a man, or get his help with something, then you may want to consider a high heel shoe to do the job. Even in a business setting, you may get the agreement of more of the men in the room with high heels on.

However, it is important to realize that the persuasive effect of high heels does seem to be connected to their sex appeal. So wearing high heels does not seem to influence other women (unless you bond with them over a shared taste in shoes). Furthermore, if you would rather not use sex appeal to influence and get unwanted attention from men, then heels might not be the way to go.

Overall, though, there does not seem to be a negative response to wearing high heels from other women, or an overly overt sexual response from men. Therefore, if you are in doubt, you might want a medium heel for a date or business meeting.


Who knew shoes could be so influential? Not only do they significantly increase the amount of attention a woman gets from men in a bar; they also make men more compliant to requests, and more helpful, too. If a woman is looking to increase her social or professional response from men, wearing heels could help.

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What Can Sexy Shoes Do For Me?

Filed under: Fashion — Fashion May 6, 2007

So, what exactly can sexy shoes do for you? Well, maybe the question would be bettered phrased as what can’t sexy shoes do for you.

There are lots of reasons for sexy shoes.

If you have been seeing someone for a period of time and are ready to take your relationship to the next level, a pair of sexy, high heel shoes can make an unspoken statement to your partner. Let that special someone know where you are in the relationship simply by wearing a pair of sexy shoes. Someone who may not be that great in picking up spoken cues just may be much more astute at deciphering the meaning behind a fabulous pair of sexy footwear.

Although no one really likes to admit it due to social consciousness, everyone knows that a sexy, well-dressed woman has an advantage in the work place. Not to discount intelligence in any way, but let’s take a look at the following scenario.

There are two women working in a place of business. Both are extremely intelligent, conscientious, dedicated workers. The only real difference in the two is their appearance. While one woman is dowdy and dresses rather matronly, the other is a highly sophisticated woman who always tops off her well-fitting outfit with a pair of sexy high heel shoes. Who do you think will capture the boss’s attention and be the next in line for a promotion?

Even if the boss is a woman, there is something to be said for corporate image. The woman’s outfit is well fitting but not trashy. The sexy high heel shoes give the outfit a sense of mystery and intrigue without making the woman seem cheap.

Another great use for sexy platform or high heel shoes is when going dancing or clubbing with a group of friends. If you are single and looking to pick up a new guy, nothing says sexy, single, and tons of fun like a great pair of sexy high heel or platform shoes.

Of course, one of the most romantic places for sexy shoes is in the bedroom. There are a multitude of ways to accomplish this task. Perhaps one of the easiest is through footwear. A sexy clear, four inch shoe can look innocent and sweet, possible giving your partner the innocent school girl fantasy of his dreams. A sexy slipper high heel shoe can add drama to a lingerie set that includes some feathering and bright or subtle coloring. A great zip-up leather boot can be a sexy way to prolong foreplay as your partner may, say, have to find ways of unzipping the boots without using his hands.

So, as you can see, there are lots of ways sexy shoes can play a part in your wardrobe. Perhaps the best reason for sexy high heel or platform shoes is their ability to multi-task. A fantastic pair of high heels can get the job done at work, on the dance floor, on a date, or in the bedroom.